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Day 2 continued...

I found a roadside cemetary, in the middle of somewhere. Don't know why but I've always been fascinated by them both at home and abroad.

Lots of trash strewn about, but it looks to be leftover stuff from Day of the Dead visitations. Tin cans were used to keep candles lit. Below, a tomb more recently visited...

Soon I left the cobblestone roads and was back on HI 120 heading north I had agreed with Mariano that I would limit the first trip to around 400 kilometers, so once I approached 200 I started thinking about returning. I was just entering the Sierra Gorda area (my original plan) but thought best to honor what was agreed and so turned back south towards Higuerillas. Right before the town I saw this sign...

I liked the implied threat to the sign: “Avoid the hassle of more speedbumps, slow down” (litterally, 'avoid the bother of putting speedbumps, reduce speed').

Just past Higuerillas (no stop sign town) the desert starting becoming a bit more verdant and to me pretty. I love the desert!

Took a snack break and turned off the motor to simply listen to the wind, the dersert birds shrieking every so often in the distance. Met very few cars out here, nice and quiet.

It was a smoky, hot day. Felt like taking the jacket off, but it does have protection and good ventilation.

Getting close to Bernal with the La PeNa beginning to show (the monolith).

Bernal is just around the corner. I spot the top of the cathedral from the hiway and it looks charming. At first I think about skipping the town, as I'm only 75 miles away from San Miguel de Allende and it's only 5:00pm. In two hours I could be home. But then I think 'what's the rush to get back?' and as I begin to enter the downtown area, I realize that bypassing this town would have been an enormous mistake. For the life of me I can't figure out why this town doesn't show up in my guide book. But in a way I'm glad it doesn't.

La Pena de Bernal. Lots of turists as it was the weekend, but none look to be from the States or Europe. Rather, nationals come from Mexico City for the day to get away. Tomorrow (Sunday) I would leave plenty of time to explore La PeNa at leisure. For now, I was looking for a hotel where I could recover from the somewhat sleepless night at Tzibanza (gracias a las moscas!)...

I find a decent hotel for $27 and at first the lady wants me to go to another hotel she runs with parking, but I like the room she showed me and ask if she wouldn't mind if I simply brought it inside. Sure, no problem—it barely fit through the door. Lots of fireworks going off in the night and music comes floating in to my room, but I'm tired from the night before when the mosquitos and I played tag all night. Plenty of time to explore the rock tomorrow (Sunday) before I have to get back to SMA.

Coming soon: Day 3 (Sunday, April 27)...

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