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Originally Posted by Mr. B
And here's another opinion of mine: I think some of us have pretty high expectations of our riding gear. I see a lot of posts about how ATT saved somebody in an accident--OK. But, if you get T-boned by a Chevy Subdivision at speed, your Roadcrafter will simply be a handy body bag. Yes, the more gear you wear, the more skin you'll save, but there are limits.

Again, I say know the risks and wear what you feel comfortable wearing that day.

Notwithstanding my sig line, I've decided that I'm an ATTMOTT guy, but that category wasn't listed by the OP.
Agreed. I've heard the saying that expensive helmets are best at making sure you can be identified after a crash. ha ha

Everyone should know the risk, gear or not. That's why I waited to start riding again until my youngest son old enough to know everything and confinced he didn't need me anymore. LOL

If wearing the gear can shorten my recovery time or increase my chance of survival by even 10% then it's worth it.
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