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Originally Posted by Mr. B
And here's another opinion of mine: I think some of us have pretty high expectations of our riding gear. I see a lot of posts about how ATT saved somebody in an accident--OK. But, if you get T-boned by a Chevy Subdivision at speed, your Roadcrafter will simply be a handy body bag. Yes, the more gear you wear, the more skin you'll save, but there are limits.

Again, I say know the risks and wear what you feel comfortable wearing that day.

Notwithstanding my sig line, I've decided that I'm an ATTMOTT guy, but that category wasn't listed by the OP.
A big +1 on those sentiments

I find it morbidly amusing how some of the ATGATT zealots talk like they actually think that their 'stitch is going to save their bacon if they get tboned by a 6000 pound SUV. Ain't gonna happen.

I don't care what anyone wears or does not wear when they ride and I would never preach to another rider about their lack of gear. For a serious day of riding, I wear ATGATT, although my riding pants are usually draggin' jeans with the CE armor in the knees. I also often ride 1 mile down the quiet 35 mph residential street between my home and the ex's to go visit my kid and dog, while wearing a helmet, tshirt, shorts and sneakers in the summer. It's a risk I am willing to take for the mile I need to go.

The best piece of safety equipment is one's brain.
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