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Question An Afternoon on Sawmill

We're ready for the second half of the ride

They stopped and waited thinking that I still know the way

When I got to the junction, here's what I saw. The FFs getting ancy!

Sito's bike too heavy to get some air

Marty this time, and he didn't like the sound when he landed

He floored those springs

Sito doing a little wheelie

I finally able to pacify the kids

The LA smog ruined my favorite shot, the view looking east

The trails are wide but you can't afford to screw around otherwise we have to use a very long rope to get you out.

Right on the ridge

View of the west, not sure if it's Pyramid Lake or Piru

You know you're on lower elevation once you see flowers

The trail below is waiting

The bottom and end of the dirt trail. The rest is 60 miles of twisty pavement

I'm surprised none of these guys is even tired.

While Sito, Oni, and Noel took the freeway, the rest slabbed it out. Wzl and Punk didn't get enough that day so they did the SCD on the way home.

It was one long day, more than my body can take. My legs were gone before I could even get home. Thanks Punk for kickstarting my bike. My butt was so sore that I asked Artboy and CrazyJohn to take off so I can just cruise home.

Beautiful weather, good company, nice long trails, exciting blacktop twisties, and above all, convenient to get too. What else is missing?
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