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Mine got me today. This was the first hint of a problem. I rode 800 miles in the last two days. Memphis to Jasper AR and then a bunch of riding over in that area yesterday afternoon and today.

No problem until I pulled up to the street in front of my house. Jumped off the bike, turned it off. Opened my truck to hit my garage door opener. Then back on my bike to ride it up the driveway. Nothing but the "EWS!" & yellow triangle.

Hmmm......600 pound bike, steep driveway. Uh Oh.

turn the key off, go inside & grab the original key. (I have been using the $80 sapre key I ordered because BMW forgot to give us a spare) I feel safer with two

Try agian, nothing

I called BMW roadside. Eplained I was broke down, but just needed a push up my driveway (I do not know any of my neighbors)

Roadside, said they could not send someone out to help me push the bike up the hill. I said fine, send soemone out to pick up the bike & take it to the dealer, they are 200 miles away and open on Tuesday.

They said they would have soemone at my house within an hour.

I mess with the bike some more and get it started!!!!! Yeah!!!

I call BMW Roadside to cancel the call. She looks & looks in their system, but can not find any service "order." Their system shows I called with a problem, but that was it. Oh well, no worries I was calling to cancel anyway.

40 minutes after the original call BMW Roadside calls me back. We are sorry sir, but we do not have a contracted service provider in your area with the proper eqiupment to recover a BMW motorcycle. We also tried other service providers, but no one has the equipment to help you. (Hmmmmmmm all I needed was a push up a hill) I told her I was able to start the bike and get it secured in the garage. I asked her what would have happened if I was 250 miles from home in the same situation. She said I was on my own to get the bike to where it needed to be to be repaired. I then could submit a claim to BMW for possible reimbursment. Nice, guess I should never count on that.

OK, now the nitty gritty.

Bike is an 07 1200 Adventure with 3,306 miles
It was bought in April 2007
No keychain, no other keys close to the ring. No tank bag on the bike. (ever)
I nave never used the kill switch (EVER!) only the key.
I always wait the 5 seconds after turning on the key for the "check" to complete before starting
Bike has never been wet, rain or washing.
Bike has never been off-road
Last night in Jasper was the first night the bike sat outside all night.
Zumo hardwired to the battery.
Battery Tender pig-tail hardwired to the battery.
No other mods. or farkles

I know my dealer will take care of me, but this is a PIA & I am not certain I can trust this bike. I really think it is horrible that I have to carry around an $80 spare, "just in case". BMW Roadside is just about worthless. I live in a million people + metro area and they do not have a service provider with the proper equipment? God help you if you are in the boondocks.

This is a BMW corporate problem. They are adding features no one wants or asks for. Not one person in the US bought the bike for the security features of this system, I doubt anyone would say this added to reasons of why they bought this bike. I'm sure BMW theft might be a problem in other countries, but it is not here. I know, I know, global platform, It is more cost effective for them to make it one way for world wide consumption.

They better be careful, even the ones that have drank the koolaid are growing weary.

One week from today I will be visiting the BMW Welt in Munich. I wish I could throw together a EWS! T-shirt to wear. Think anyone would notice?
This is SPARTA!
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