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Originally Posted by Wallowa
Ah an honest man! the way the CANbus, is it a solid means of signaling without hiccups? Is it "Phil" proof....still a mystery to me how the heck it gates messges without crossing them up...
The CANbus specification is about as stout a physical interface as there is without converting to optical signaling say.

The 'software layer' spec too, is excellent in ensuring data integrity between many different masters and slaves on the CANbus.

And it seems like the CANbus on the BMW bikes is working without a hitch. If there were a CANbus problem it certainly would have surfaced by now.

I am not at all saying that there is a problem with the CANbus on BMW motorcycles.

Can the implementation be screwed up? Sure, royally. Just like anything else.

Based on the hardware on the ECU board, it is possible the EWS antenna talks to the ECU with a single wire CANbus, or a CAN-like derivative, or a home-brew protocol.


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