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Originally Posted by levity
Just changed the oil on mine for the first time after 200 miles mixed riding. It was so clean (gold and clear) I thought about just pouring it back in.
No metal shavings or any gasket stuff like I usually see at the first service of other bikes.
(I would like to source a drain plug with a magnet to confirm no shavings.)

I didn't even bother to put in a new filter - I'll wait until the 500-600 mile service when I may switch to synthetic blend.

Other service info: chain needed very little adjustment; spokes <1/8th turn;
license plate light housing was loose so I added a spacer washer;
bled forks again - no apparent pressure build up.
I finally got around to doing my post-break-in oil change. While your old oil apparently looked like it just squirted out of a bee's arse , mine looked like this:

Now THAT'S what I expect "treat it like it owes you money" break-in oil to look like. I had 53 miles on the clock. Note the yummy looking "brain" pattern formed by the particulates in the oil. Mmmmmm .

I'll change the oil again at 200 miles as I intend to continue to ride it like I stole it, and if it still looks like the above, I'll do it again at 500, then will get onto the "book" schedule.

One question I have for the collective is the age-old "when should I switch to synthetic"? On road bikes, I don't switch until around 10k miles. Since this motor is more akin to a road bike than a dirt bike, should I stick with that, or switch after the 3k mark?

FYI, the only adjustment the bike has needed so far is the clutch free play. Shocking, eh?

Oh, and one last note: Even though I changed the filter too, it only took 1.2L of oil, but the book says it should take nearly 1.5L. The motor was hot to the touch when I did the change and the oil ran like water, so it wasn't an issue of thick oil not draining out entirely. Are others finding the same thing?

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