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Originally Posted by reconsmr
NV, if your oil is that dark at 53 miles you might want to stick to a 25 mile oil change schedule!!!

Seriously, with all due respect,,,

WTF did you do to it??? I've done 3k street miles on a 520 RFS and the oil came out lookin more like oil than that, if the pic is giving a real quality color. Looks like alot of clutch abuse would be needed to get it that dark/burnt that quickly, I guess you allude to that with the needed adjustment. Given the tiny filter I'd be more worried about this engine than a RFS with 2 paper & 2 screens.

My bro's 250 RFS needs a clutch pounding in A+ enduro terrain & pace, I'm guessing this bike is needing the same to really get going?
I did hard accel/decel in each gear, staying clear of the rev limit. I wasn't abusing the clutch to get it moving, there's no need. While the oil was darker than I expected (yep, that was the actual color), I expected relative "shine" in it from the parts mashing together, and that was present as well.

Notice that my other current ride is a BMW GS. Those have a dry clutch. If you want them to last, you learn really quickly to go easy on the clutch, and I do. I guess time will tell if I hurt it....

Originally Posted by reconsmr

That KTM EXC250RFS is wind limited at about 73-74 MPH, and it is a pooch, even when the jetting is spot on. It is hard to believe these are pushing 90 MPH when my +50 HP SMR 450 Husky is just getting to 100 MPH??? That 30 HP must be some special stuff???
Every reviewer/owner of the WRR has reported a top speed in excess of 90mph. I've not had mine up that high because I want to stay clear of max revs until it's completely broken in, but I don't have any reason to believe that all of these reports are bogus. The bike will do 65 easily in 4th gear, so I've got to think that it can add 25 mph to that with those last 2 gears and a bunch more revs.

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