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Originally Posted by reconsmr
Its hard to believe based on more powerful bikes not able to go much faster is all. Indicated 90+ is not necessarilly 90+ in real speed.

GPS indicated on a 2008 530 EXC, JD jetted with Pirelli Scorpions was 107 in a full tuck with a tailwind, that is a 50 HP bike. My own SMR450 will just crack 100, again +50 HP and sitting mostly upright. These bikes aren't gear limited, its the HP fighting the wind resistance, 30 HP is still 30 HP, don't matter if it has a 21 speed trans, it has to overcome huge force of that resistance.

I know this bike isn't cracking 40 HP like my KTM 250SX-F.

Who has a GPS measured top speed?

RPMs at 80 in 6th?
I had mine up to 101.
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