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I am enjoying watching this discussion on top speed. Thought I would try to get some input from WR250X owners to add in so I started a thread over at TT to get input.

This is the most interesting post so far ... that is he sees 105 mph on speedo, 95 mph paced by a car ... and has 4000 miles on already!

"I drive my wrx 110 miles a day to work I have hit top of 105 on my speedo in MPH not KMH I also dropped one tooth in the front.....I can go faster now than I did stock. My stock top speed was 99 but now I can get to peak power with the smaller sprocket. I have been running with my friend in his sububan at that 105 I am running actual 95. This machine will rev so freakin high I think I am really pushing it as far as it will go. I change my oil once a week and hope that I don't run into problems. At the end of this week I'll have over 4000 miles on her."
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