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Well, we are off like a herd of screaming turtles...

Vinnie, Joe, Anthony and Robert hit the road from Broken Arrow this AM, Gary and Mark hit the road from Portland area this AM. NO change in Marks status but he is ferrying Gary to my house and taking his 2 boys over to Moab for a few days of sand running, (he will just watch) since he is off work anyway.

SO we are converging to the gathering, were all the mighty vintage warriors will mount their trusty steads and assault the trail, slaying Dragons and leaping tall buildings in a single bound... Oh wait that is another story. News at 11.

I get a by on this trip I am only 7 hrs from the start so here I sit just panicking at the last minutes hoping I did not forget to tighten my axle nuts or get that last shim right when I put the case back together. only time will tell. We did decide that since Mark is not coming I will bring my trusty big red pig as a backup bike, not that I will need it of course but it makes you feel better knowing it is there..
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