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Good news on the 2 into 1!

Great news on the 2 into 1!

Both Adventure and SE products are close- read on for more info.

Let's start with the SE:

Here's the prototype I received:

Which differs from what will be sold in that it is NOT jet-hot coated inside and out. That would have added two more weeks without any real change in specification. The finished article will appear like stainless (bright silver) and should not discolor with heat as this one has.

Weight is 1lb 7 ounces (stock is 2lb 10 ounces). So, with a 6lb, 6 ounce Ti Remus can (which Kurt and I will also make available as a single side), the total system weight is 7lb 13 ounces, vs. 24lbs 10 ounces for the full stock system, a 15lb 7 ounce improvement! That's relevant, no matter who you are.

Here it is mounted:

Fit and finish are excellent. The vendor may be slow, but at least it came right with no need for revision.

Now, the dyno.

To refresh everyone, here's the first pass back in February:

Green is 2 into 2 with neptunes (baffles), Blue is 2 into 1 with neptunes (baffle), and Red is 2 into 1 with neptune (no baffle)

Here's the new run:

Red is the same run in Red in the February run, Blue is the prototype piece running through the same Neptune exhaust, again with no baffle. Better torque everywhere until 7.5K, which presumably is a result of the deleted crossover tube.

Honestly, by the seat of the pants I'm hard pressed to tell the difference between any of them. The bike started with more than enough power and continues to impress. To me, this mod is all about the weight savings and tank potential, the improved power (which is present, just look at the chart) is just icing on the cake.

A few more pictures:

With the Remus:

So, timeline and price:

Timeline: I approved the first article, and am told the pipes should be done next week. They will head to Jet Hot (which takes up to 2 weeks), so allowing a week as slush and for shipping, I hope to have them in hand to ship in Early June.

Kurt at Blackdog and I will get a website together shortly to take orders. I will post an update here when that is ready to go- expect next week.

Price: Introductory price is $225 for the 2 into 1 alone, $675 including a Remus Ti Can (normally $900 for a set, so one can for half-price). For comparison, the stock KTM piece is $290, and I don't think there is any other mod at any price that can save you this much weight, let alone this cheap.

The Remus cans are dripping with quality. Very nicely turned out, quiet but not too quiet, and they come with a removable baffle. There are cheaper exhausts out there, but none that are nicer or will last longer.

People who buy the 2 into 1 will also get a coupon good for 10% off the fuel tank, as a reward for being an early adopter.

Moving on to the Adventure piece: as penance for being 6 weeks late on the SE part, the vendor is running the Adventure stuff simultaneously! I should have the first article tomorrow!

I've done a baseline run on a 990, and assuming everything fits properly and the dyno work comes out like the SE did (and I have no reason to believe it won't), we should be on the same timeline for Adventure parts. I do not have a formal price quote yet, but I assume (you know what that means) they will be the same.

So, the final tally = big weight savings, better power, cheaper than the stock part, and (this last is just my opinion) drop-dead sexy!

Watch this space for more news, and I'll PM everyone that has enquired as soon as the order page is online.
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