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Mexico continued

Sun Feb 10

It's 60F at 7:30am and sunny when we get ready to head out.

This group will be split up again.

(Group pic taken the day before on the beach before lunch)

Jud was having issues w/ an ill running bike and Marty had proven that a scooter can be ridden through Copper Canyon so he would head back via pavement w/ Jud.

Katie would be staying back for a few days and take the train solo to Creel.
It's always an odd feeling saying goodbye to her there. She's got a great head on her shoulders and knows Spanish much better than many in the group, but none the less I still worry. What if.....????

Everyone on bikes meet up at the corner gas station to top off, ready for a long day of unknowns and adventure. No one in this group had done this route into Sinforosa Canyon before. I think 3 of us had GPS tracks from Charlie. I was leading and Craig O was tailing to keep track of everyone.

I'll be bumming pics from the group as Katie had the camera for the next few days.

Heading East from El Fuerte was a nice climb back into the foot hills. The roads snaked along passing through small villages every once and awhile.

Everyone must have been having a great time as there were not many pics of this section.

Snack break in the shade of the Pine tree forest.

(pics from Andrew)

The info from the Dec group had this posted as a 7.5 hr ride, about 85 miles from El Fuerte to Tablon. We made it there around 1:30 pm. About 2.5 hrs ahead of schedule. Must have been the dry road conditions, as it was very wet when they came through in Dec.

The town before Tablon was Las Lajitas. If you need to stay someplace stay there, NOT Tablon. We rolled into Tablon around 1:30pm looking for food and maybe a place to stay as the next leg of our trip was to Baborigame (another 85 miles and 8hrs away on our log).

We stopped in a small square and found a nice little tienda for some food.
Andrew found a friend immediately.

As we sat in the cafe and ate, things outside started getting odd.
There were way too many new F250 LOBOS, crew cabs, nice rims and big tires doing laps around the block. One stopped in front of the cafe and the young driver was on a his satellite phone. He sat there and just watched us while we ate. Andrew kept a keen eye on the bikes and informed us we should move on asap.

It was too bad as the food was great and you could tell the cafe owner was not happy. The lady serving us food was very nice and appreciated the business. I had 2 beef and cheese barritos $3.

We mounted up to head out of town, w/ a 3 truck escort taking up the rear. We stopped about a half mile out of town for a pee break as we moved faster on the roads than the trucks. Checked to make sure everyone was still there and Andrew was not around.

He tagged behind while we all left and noticed the trucks. He has stopped discretely next to a building to see what was going to take place when a truck pulled up and said in short "Leave, I'm the Sheriff" in English.

Andrew met up w/ us up the hill and told us of this and said we should keep moving and look out for more trucks along the road. I was a bit uneasy, but all you can do is ride.

We kept at a brisk pace, then we passed 2 trucks parked on the side of the road about 10 miles up, both guys had satellite phones. When we passed they may have told the town that we were gone, must have been crop security.

A short time after we came across this great rest spot on top of a very large rock, reminded me of pics of Moab I've seen.

We decided to head to Pandura, the next town on out map. See what we could find there. Maybe someplace safer to stay?

Pandura was nothing more than a few houses at a "T" in the road, but one guy had a sign for gas so a few filled up. I was fine. We had done 102 miles so far and it was 4:15pm.

We would continue on to Morelos, heading north. We had no tracks for this section so we used "Our best judgement", dumb luck, to get us there. You could see the dot of the town on our GPS maps and it would say X miles away as the bird flies, you'd look at the roads and all the switch backs and all you could do is guess how far it was.

We arrived at Morelos at 5:30pm, 123 miles total, hoping to find a place to stay and maybe find the rest of the group. They had departed from Bato, we had planned to meet in Baborigame the next night.

Our group heads down the main drag and found the others.

Cold beers ready for the drinking. What a great group to travel w/.

Next we need to find a place to crash.
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