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Feb 11 Mon

I slept well (in my cloths). Like I said this place was shady, but it got the job done, I left the windows open to get some air as I had no option anyways. One pain was busted out. Woke up to exhaust and diesel fumes from the truck running below. I was on the second floor.

It was sunny and 65F at 8am, but was warming up fast.

I changed my filter skin and it was in fair condition, I was leading most of the previous day though. I had 5 gallons of fuel left in my tank, plenty good to get me through the canyon to Baborigame. Today's log showed we had about 110 miles, over 8hrs of riding. There is a Pemex here if you need it though.

Bill and I chatted as I got ready for the day. He would be staying back w/ Dean, Charlie and Arturo. Charlie had a bad burrito the day before and was not up to riding so he took another days rest.

Al had a flat tire in the morn so he go that fixed, I used my electric tire pump to air it back up, only to find out the KLR electrics were not wired to take that kind of load. Popped a fuse and snagged an extra one from Richard. Glass tube fuses are not always easy to find in these areas.

Ready to roll.

We would be back tracking South for the first 20 miles or so them East to the canyon.
Once we got on top we waited to make sure everyone made it out Ok.

We left around 10:15am, made it back to Pandora around 11:20. So about 1 hr for 20 miles. Very fun roads.

The group back to Creel would be:

Mark, Craig O, Al, Bryon, Richard, Andrew Chuck, John C, and Me.

After a few hours of riding through lush pine forests We had our first issue. Al's break lever had broke off his KRL 650. We are at about mile 56. into the 80 mile day. No one in this small village has a welder so they tell us to go up the road about 10 miles to a small mine and ask for help. Al hops onto Craig O's DRZ and we head off. We finally find the mine they are talking about after backtracking many miles. (mile 60 from Morelos) It ends up being an old motor home w/ a dump truck parked on a very steep incline. A young man pops out from over the hill side and I do my best to describe what needs to get done. I wait down by the bikes as Al walks up the cliff side to the generator and welder to do his best stick welding to fix it. After a few hrs we get back to his KLR and reinstall his lever. Off we go again around 3:50pm. The rest of the group had passed us on our return. They would get into Baborigamie before dark and find a place to stay for all of us if we came in late.

We get there around 4:50pm and gas up at the Pemex. I top off at 36 litres $7.05 pesos/lt I made it 243 miles on that tank.

today we did 91.2 miles. It was 65F at 5pm.

I split a room w/ Mark $25 for a room w/ 2 double beds. It was a nice place but cold at night. We had no heat, they don't see many "tourists" during the winter. The owner made us a great Beef and rice meal for $10 and we all pitched in for beer. $5 got you all the beer you could drink for the night. Thanks Bryon.

Very nice lady (Rosa?). She had been to Alaska a few years ago so was interesting hearing her take on it.

The place to stay is the Hotel "Sierra Grande"
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