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Feb 12 Tue.

Woke up a little chilled from the night sleep, got a hot shower and ready for breakfast. Ham and eggs w/ beans. $5

Started to load up the bike and noticed the ground under the bike was wet.
My skid plates was dripping something too, I didn't hit anything hard that I remembered, touched and smelt it to find out it was gas. I had topped off last night and it looked like I had lost maybe .5 gal.

I pulled the skid plate to find that it looked like my fuel filter was leaking where it pressed into the fuel line. I had updated the Facet Fuel pump and reinstalled my ACE brand paper lawn mower filter w/o hose clamps so I needed to do surgery it would be an easy job. (I went w/ the clear filter so I could see if the pump was getting gas, no issue in the last 5,000 miles until now) I pull it off completely and put in my double ended barbed fuel line connector. Good to go. Put everything back together, pumped the front tire up to 37.5 psi (12 galls of fuel on a 500lb bike riding at speed, less chance of a pinch flat). I tightened up the chain 5 flats and headed out w/ the sun ablazing at 10:30 and 75F. It was going to be a warm one.

It was about 15 miles to the start of the decent into the Sinforosa Canyon.
Through the pine trees you could start to see this line across the opposite canyon wall.

As we kept going we realized we'd be climbing that back up.

We were at about 8100 ft. Roads were in fair condition, w/ some places very rutted up from rain erosion.

This looks like Mark.

After about 15 miles of decent and 5,800 foot drop we arrive at the Rio Guerachi Bridge. The decent is very rocky in sections, it was slow going for me, as the large rocks would send me off my line and there is no room for error here.

They built a very nice bridge, it even has a walking/bike lane. They must be anticipating lots of development.

Andrew and the bridge.

Me and John C

The snack shack w/ cold soda and hot food.

Around 1Pm,
Once everyone joined back up and was re energized. Andrew headed out first, w/ Me and John following. This sections was graded much better than the decent but still had lots of loose gravel. Soon into it the climb turned into a race for the top. Andrew fell behind after his KLR started getting hot in the 80F+ temps, I got around and had a blast trying to stay ahead of John on his KRL 650. John pack very light and is a really good rider. I would gain ground on the straight, but he would be right back on me as he could take the corners faster. We both pulled off at an overlook and just laughed and smiled. What a great ride. I think John was having too much fun to look down and see if his KLR was about to blowup or he just didn't care at the moment.

We would be doing some more suspension testing later that day too.
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