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Originally Posted by Nowwhat
Are you going to do a 2 into 2 run with NO BAFFLES so there is a REAL comparison as to how a 2-1 may or may not change the curve...?....
No, but you're right, I should have. I was fighting a surly service manager who wanted $89/run and wasn't going to push my luck.

Honestly, though, I think it's fairly irrelevant. The 2 into 1 clearly has some advantage in low end torque, with no substantial tradeoffs. Most people I know (myself included) were satisfied with the power of the bike stock, this is at least as good and saves a ton of weight.

The upcoming test will be interesting: The 990 has been run full stock (stock cans, etc) and will be run with the 2 into 1 and remus. I should have the part tomorrow and will do the second run on Wednesday.
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