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Gentlemen, remove your plumbing!!

While, its all old news now but I thought I would post a picture of just what comes off after a total SASectomy and Canisteronomy. Total weight reduction by goverment approved postage machine was 1342 gram reduction. This combined with carb needle raised, and fuel screws at 21/2 turns has for me IMHO totally transformed the way the 950 performs. There is no more sudden die syndrome after parked hot for a period, no more surging at steady throttle around 3500-4000 RPM and starts first time every time hot or cold. There's been a lot of discussion on how all these systems interact and what cause's what, but is no denying the fact it plain kicks ass with all the shit removed. As a side benefit with the Akro's it used to sound kind of like a H-D popping on deceleration, now mine is totally pop free and has taken on more of a Ducati sound, I like it.
PS I picked up extra Blanking Plates today so if you need some please read the post by doing a search on Blanking Plates.
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