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Considering Beta 450/525 RS

So, I've been checking and searching for awhile (thanks for all the awesome info). I'm looking to change up my riding situation. Selling off a '03 Buell XB9R, '03 KDX 220R, and a '03 GasGas 280Pro in order to pick up a Beta 450/525RS (I can't decide which). Life changes and I want one bike to do it all. I don't ride the street that much, but I'm considering the Motard Kit so I can change the bike over pretty quick.

Seems the RFS style motors have a great following and last really well. The oil changes and valve checks do not bother me. I didn't ride at all last year due to various reasons, but I ready to jump back in and trim my fleet down to get one really nice bike.

I test rode a '08 450RS and the power was excellent in the dirt (couldn't try it on the street with M12's). This thing will primarily be an Enduro machine (nicest I would ever own) but I want to Commute to work maybe once to twice a week as well (40mi rnd trip). Would I be better off going with a 525 due to the street use. I've had to push my Buell to get out of crazy situations in traffic on more than one occasion. Is the 525 worth going for, considering I don't want to wear myself out with it on the trail? Everything is a give and take. In today's age the 450 might get a little better fuel economy as well.

I have considered the Husky's but the 610's gear ratios turn me off for tight technical woods work (Rieter for those who know it). The same holds for the 450/510 TE's, with the close ratios on the street.
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