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You may not want to do this if you are running stock pipes, as no one know the effect on the Coleman Catalizers. If you have aftermarket mufflers, please search for Flannys post on what to remove. Basically you vent the tanks, remove the carbon canister, and remove all line and hose that connect to the intake manifolds. You remove the SAS valve from behind the air box and remove the hoses and cover plates from the heads, then you place my blanking plates over the holes leaving the stock reed valve and gasket in place. You will need a K&N or similar inline air vent filter for crankcase, which will filter the atmospheric air to the carb vent tubes. Then you set the carb needles one notch richer, and turn the fuel screws to 21/4 out as manual states, and enjoy. If I missed anything I;m sorry, but it will be very clear once your in there. Allow 4-6 hrs so you will not have to rush, its not hard but you do not want to have to do it twice

QUOTE=jimbes]Thanks for the pictures. So is this a "true" 2004 model? Could you tell me exactly what you had to do other than rip out all that stuff? I've seen mention of check valves, and another post about running lines through the airbox and such. It's killing me that I have < 100 miles on my S in 2.5 weeks, and that mileage won't be getting any higher for a while, but when I CAN ride, I'd like to have the bike ready to roll. I'll probably even have my "free" bags by then. THANKS.[/QUOTE]
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