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Originally Posted by SafariBerg
My Clarke holds 17 litres stock, measured it several times. I'm going to warm it up and blow it out another couple of litres, should be able to get close to 20 L.

The only off the shelf oil cooler that I have seen is the Joe Racer one. It is vulnerable to damage, I did a motor in last years Safari due to damage to the oil cooler. Since then I have not run one and all seems fine with around 13,000 km of rallye racing across 3 different bikes (all '07 or '08 FE650's) with no oil cooler. So I'm not looking at using one for now.

To me the critical thing is the oil.

Run Motul 300V Factoryline 15w50 double ester oil and you should be fine.

It's the best there is for Bergs, it has been designed for rallye racing and is unlike any other oil you will find.

Even when my oil cooler broke and the engine went it was only the big end that failed due to the drop in oil pressure, the rest of the motor was like brand new after 3,000km of rallye racing.

For tight hot work the KTM/HBG radiator fan would be more useful I think.
ok, iv used the wrong conversion for the 4 gal tank. apparently theres a US gallon DRY and a US gallon Liquid......

i currently use motorex 20-50, i thought that for longer trips like the rallyes your talking about would need a thicker oil than 15-50. do you find the gears mesh smoother on a cold engine with the 15-50? i find that it wants to jump out from under you upon engaging first on a cold engine.

also, does your radiator fan run for a few minutes after engine has stopped?
does this put excessive drain on your battery?
i was thinking about getting one and rewiring it to a switch on the bars.


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