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Thanks for the info

Thanks for letting me know. I've been checking out the EXC info over at ThumperTalk as well.

I don't expect it to be excellent on the Hwy at all, but I do want smooth. Hence the reason I'm considering a full motard kit, so it would be quick to switch over. I remember feeling "small" out there with all the other cages, but good point. It is more of a once in awhile situation, not a consistent commuter. I never even did that with the Buell.

Another question I thought of (trying to cover my bases by picking one bike to do it all). Wondering if it would be cheaper to just get another set of Std off road size rims and run D/S tires that are balanced. I was wondering if there is more tire selection going that route? I don't have any experience with D/S tires but I figure it would be hard to find an aggressive tread Motard sized tire (guessing 17"'ers). I figure this could be much more versatile if I found myself offroad.

From a safety standpoint, would it be better to have the extra power of the 525 on the street? I like the idea of the 450 for the trail aggresiveness, but then again I rode the KDX for a long time but I hit the limit of the suspension on that bike. The power was fine. It took me a long time to realize that if I was down on power, I was a gear to high and not running in the power band or reading the comming situation better.

Maybe I need to search for power characteristics and make a best guess on what might fit my style?
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