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Yeah, your speedo will be off - that's true of most motorcycles. Late model Harleys have pretty good speedos, but try riding one to your hunting camp!

A few ideas for youse, DCUP:

1) - in addition to this fantastic board, the xt225 board has great folk and info about the XTs, including the new 250.

2) Searching here and on the xt225 board will get you lots of info on racks, which for your purposes sound like something you need. Meself, I'm very happy with my turbo city rack - - I think it is.

3) I don't know what tires come on the 250, but tires on a motorcycle are VERY important to your riding experience and safety. Motorcycles (and skilled riding of same) are all about TRACTION.
If the 250 comes with half-assed knobbies like the 225, you'll REALLY benefit from better tires. If you're going to be on pavement and smooth dirt roads most of the time rather than single track trails and mud, some dual sport tires like Anakees or something would be good, but you have to find out what fits your needs and your rims - again search both boards.

4) Most important, and sorry if I sound like some cyber-daddy-nazi, but REALLY learn how to ride! Take MSF courses and read Dave Hough's books at a friggin' minimum. The XT is just a putt-putt - doesn't seem like you could really get hurt on it, but you can.
Read the face plant section, and do everything you can to make sure we don't read about you there.

Rant off.

Enjoy - the XTs are a blast!
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