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Originally Posted by Alfusious
Is she strapped to the bike or you? Is it effective in falls etc?
The harness has a wide belt that goes around her back, much like a kidney belt. Then there are two straps that inbetween her legs and two that go over her shoulders, attached to these is a head rest that goes behind her neck. The whole lot is attached to a set of handlebars that is attached to a wide belt that goes around my stomach.

I had previously considered modifying one of these bicycle seats for kids. After having seen a couple of motorycle accients live, I am convinced that a kid strapped to a bike is a death sentence. These straps are attached to me only, where I go she goes.

I don't think that the straps should be rated as a safety system in event of proper high speed crashes. The main reason that I need one, is that she falls asleep without fail about ten minutes into the ride, the straps is to keep her on the bike while she sleeps.

The other benefit is that it also secures her when the bike makes unexpected sudden moves as happens off-road.

The belt is available from these guys

What I have found though is that her torso hangs over sideways when she is sleeping and I have added my own straps that attaches to her shoulder straps to sort that out.

Hope that helps.
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