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While Michnus and wife were slabbing it...

We were sweating our way through four sets of immigration to get fuel at Noordoewer in Namibia and come back. The plan was to take two days to wind our way through the Richtersveld. The Richtersveld is more remote and very rocky, I've never been there before but have been wanting to come since the 90's.

We finally got away and crossed into the Richtersveld Conservancy at 12:30. That of course was a mistake. The previous two days had the mercury at 35 degrees and when we left it was 35 already.

We did not have to go far to see that the heat was going to be an issue. Check out the spectacular lack of shade.

Beautiful though.

We decided to continue up to where we finally turn away from the Orange river and make a decision there. Where the canyon narrows the riding is dusty and difficult.

Before we can get to our turn-off the temperature shoots up to 45 degrees.

We stop and hit the river to cool down.

Kids; you have to admire their capacity for joy.

We decide to turn back. In this heat and with no shade the margins are getting too thin, especially as the backup of the other two bikes is gone. I already have a passenger and should Mrs Jockey come to grief somewhere I won't be able to carry her too.

On our way back Mrs Jockey spins out on a rocky climb and the bike falls on her leg. Nothing broken but confirmation that we were right to turn back.

The next day we opt for the normal Namaqua 4x4 route. Once again very entertaining sand until we finally climb up into the mountains.

Pretty interesting stuff that grows here.

We skirt Eksteensfontein and head for Port Nolloth, a coastal fishing village, we will do the rest of the Richtersveld some other time, when we are better prepared.

To my vast surprise Port Nolloth is hidden in a black fog and the locals look at me funny when we pull in there and I'm only wearing a t-shirt. The temperature is 13 degrees at midday. And so it stays for the next two days while we take a break.

Here are some last pics,

Our view in Port Nolloth.

Some oke must've really liked his army days, (in Kommaggas)

In Springbok I order the Namaqua Delicatessen which is described as a cheese, bread and biltong platter. I pictured something a little different.

And lastly, on our last day, which was 6 hours of riding, at 16:00 in the afternoon, we again do the sand cha-cha. Just for old times sake.

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