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I do not have picture of part I ordered from KTM as dealer ordered it for me. It is off a 640 Adventurer and is a inline filter for the crankcase breather I think. Temporarily I used this air filter for PCV valve that I got from NAPA, just put hose inside and taped for extra security and zapped to tangs on back or air box. Note in picture how I capped off where SAS attached to air box, all these nipples are available at NAPA of the HELP tree.

Originally Posted by Shuffler
Katoum, do you have a part no. or picture of the filter you used to vent the crankcase breather? Is this essential right away, or can it be added later? I'm assuming it's a 2-way vent, as opposed to 1-way, right? I'm also assuming I can install this after everthing's back together, without having to remove panels, tanks, etc.?
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