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Canisterectomy & SAS observations

Spent a couple hours this afternoon removing the canister system. Also awaiting my blanking plates from Katoum so I can do the SAS removal. I have some questions:

The de-canisterization:

Regarding the carb vent tubes in the airbox: I ran each to a Y connector and out the rear right side of the airbox where there's a blank rubber hole (cut away a small bit & ran the tubing through it). Can the carbs simply vent to atmosphere as is, or should I plug in a filter? I don't see the need for a filter if I just run the tube into the toolbox (?), but it couldn't hurt either, I guess.

Regarding the crankcase breather hose to the top of the airbox: Is it possible to just plug that opening and then clamp some kind of filter directly onto the end of the hose? I assume this is the hose where folks have said oil runs into the airbox when the bike gets tipped over (??). Or, does the crankcase rely on the airbox vaccuum to vent properly?

Regarding the leftover holes on the bottom of the airbox where the carb vent valve was mounted, what did you use to plug those?? I'm thinking some of those little round rubber grommets...

Anybody covered the snorkel to prevent grit from getting in? Thought I read about somebody using panty hose or something...

Anybody installed the Sommer airbox mod? Mine hasn't arrived yet. Does this offer enough protection against dirt/grit getting into the airbox?

The SAS system:

Looks like I need to move the radiator and oil reservoir to gain access to the forward cylinder head?

How do I get those clamps off the SAS hoses? They don't look like they were meant to come off.

What's up with the vent tubes on the inner side of each tank? Are those necessary, since I've got one-way vents installed at the top end?

I can see how working on the carbs could be a bitch. I have no experience with that and will just have the dealer tweak the carbs once I get all this done.

Sorry about the lengthy post. I just want to be sure I get this right the first time, 'cuz taking all the stuff off the bike to gain access is a pain in the ass.
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