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Originally Posted by warnabrother
I am sorry but I have to strongly disagree..
The one I rode had ill fitting plastics.. the plastics still had rough mould marks around their edges.. the paintwork had blemishes and was very thun.. the switchgear was rubbish.. the suspension was average.. the brakes were just okay.. the engine was okay, but just..

the whole bike just screamed "cost cutting" to me.. cheap and nasty.. but it was fun to ride.

I'm not going to stick up for the Versys, but I have worked on two F650 GS's, and was sorely disappointed in the build quality of those bikes. Everything feels cheep on them. From headlight mounts to taillight mounts, and damn near everything in between.

Stamped steel brake and shift levers. Torx bits everywhere. Ill fitting plastics, nearly impossible to tighten battery lugs etc..

I hate working on my buddies 650GS, everything about it feels poorly made, poorly engineered and difficulty to access. The only thing it's got going for it is that gem of a motor.
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