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Ok I Know This Is Tongue-In-Cheek..

Originally Posted by GSG2G
I agree with Dave. Failure to start is not a safety issue, (unless you are in a bad neighborhood or someplace you shouldn't be with someone you shouldn't be with!) but this is one of those things that BMW knows is bad but, like teeth, will ignore and it will go away. They will likely someday, very quietly, change the harness, change the compnents or otherwise re-engineer das engineering and just plain not tell anybody!
Look the recall first of all should be made by BMW not as a safety issue but to correct a faulty product they sold [and continue to sell to us as new bikes and antenna] to the persons who purchased their bikes that are getting stranding with the EWS. This is not an "it doesn't fall under the purview of the Federal standards" that is a spurious herring.

To philosophize that you can't prove the non-existence of a recall is a silly statement, I guess made to entertain. If BMW issues a recall for antenna, it will not be exclusively based on whether you live in Australia or BFE. The question still is whether or not BMW has a recall initiated on the antenna. But I know the BMW to dealer dedicated phone line is not to be used for such unimportant inquries.

Is the stranding of a rider with a non-functional bike touted for use as an "adventure" bike a safety issue? Of course it can be. When the bike will not start due to a component failure and the rider is stranded their safety can most certainly be in jeopardy. Not everyone only rides on freeways and within reach of 58 cell towers. Of course just like riding in the 'bad neighborhoods' perhaps we GS and GSA riders should not be allowed to travel alone and out of cell range.
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