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Thumb Sascanisterectomy Report

I got my bike back from the dealer and discovered that bike ran badly between 4K and 6K and generally farted and sputtered through out the rev range. Not good.

In a wild hope I installed the aluminum mufflers that I had ordered with the bike that had recently arrived. As expected the new muffler system made no improvement .

I followed your instructions and removed the SAS and canister plumbing. During this procedure I discovered that the dealer had half disinstalled the systems , with less than satisfactory results.

As with others I capped off the manifold intakes with autostore nipples designed for that purpose.

I can report that the sascanisterectomy was a complete success . In the test ride I grabbed a handful of throttle and discovered that the bike would now pop an impressive wheely. The bike accelerates smoothly throughout the rev range and no longer backfires during decelleration.

One issue that was not clear to me . Each gas tank has two vents. Should both of these be vented to areas where fuel will not cause any unwanted excitement ?

Thanks for all your help.
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