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Originally Posted by Keltic Kiwi
Now that the pipe doesn't reach around the rear shock to feed the left side muffler, the rear shock will run cooler.Which means ...well you know.
Good point! Not insubstantial, either, for those who ride offroad, anything that can be done to help that shock lessen heat is meaningful. We melted the stickers on the Baja shock.

1.The modification means the pipe joins at an oblique angle. What (if anything) does this mean in terms of it's tuned length?

To go some way in answering my own question,I know this happens after the h-pipe, and your dyno readings don't show a problem.(edit. the picture on the website doesn't have the h-pipe but the one at the start of the thread does)
The early photo is a cut up stock pipe, the most recent is the production piece. We cut out the "H" crossover because the engineer I worked with thought it would muddle flow, and it was a PITA to manufacture as well. When the bike ran great with that setup, we decided to leave well enough alone.

Was there a temptation the run a larger dia. pipe after the join to allow greater flow? you might pick up some of those lost top end ponies, as the joint has 950cc' of volume thru 475cc of pipe, if you know what I mean.

And once again to answer my own question, it's tidy, and with the same dia. pipe the standard can fits.
Honestly, I didn't think it would work as well as it did. I started with stock diameter for the reasons you mention, and when it turned out to perform so well, realized everyone could keep their stock silencers and that is a huge advantage.

There are no lost top end ponies- obviously the shape of the curve is a bit different, but the peak number is 3 hp higher.
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