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Continuation of ...and BAM a guardrail...

Here is the rest of the ride report. I'm not going to use a song on this one because there is to much to explain. Enjoy!

My dad [larryboy] thought it would be a great idea, since there were some straight parts on the dirt road, to teach me how to drive.

There I go!!

We were almost to the Sheet Iron, we were only about 15 miles away from camp.

...and then BAM a guardrail...

I was doing so well for about 8 miles. I took a corner to wide stared at the guardrail and then there I went, straight into it.

Here is what I did to the bike.

I completly totaled my dads motorcycle.

And here is what I did to myself.

My leg got pined inbetween the motorcycle and the guard rail. It swelled up pretty fast and as of know there is a HUGE bruise on my leg and I still can't feel parts of it.

We waited for about two hours before some people came our way. Two guys on some BMW's stoped. These guys weren't going to the sheet iron though. They asked us if we needed any help. We told them it would be great if they could go to camp and get somebody to come out to get us. So they did. About an hour or so later two guys from the Oakland Motorcycle Club came down. I guese the guys on the BMW's told the club guys that we were part of the club. So, when they came down to help us they were pretty pissed. We were on a side car so of course we couldn't get it in the back of a truck. They gave us some water and left. We waited and waited and waited...

Out in the hot sun we were STUCK!!

A guy named John stoped by. He was going to the sheet iron. He gave us an umbrella. That made us very happy. (Thanks John!)

Once we realized that nobody came for us we had to think of a way we could get there. My dad started to get his tools out and work on the wheel.

We decided to put a tube in the tire and see how long we could ride it like that...

Right when we were about to go two more BMW guys stoped. They asked if we needed any help. We said no, but they still stuck with us. We rode about 5 miles extremly slow and the two other guys stayed with us. They then realized it would take us all night so they left. About a mile down the road once they left the tire blew and we went left. By then we were out of water and to tired to try anything else. I couldn't walk very well either.

We decided that the next truck we saw we were going to stop it, ask for a ride and leave the bike. The next guy in a truck stoped and happened to own all the property around us. He hide the bike for us and gave us a ride into town. We were saved!!

More to come later!! Don't stop reading!!
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