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First off, let's talk about my 640A. If not for this event, this bike will still be in pieces. I finished putting it together at 1AM Friday morning. With new suspensions, bearings, and valve adjustment, this bike run flawlessly off-road and highway! More bike than I can handle.

Those heavy scratches on the gas tank was caused by previous owner and a fellow inmate, all I did was smoothen them out on powdered dirt.

The other 640A belongs to Orangeheart. Both bikes were ridden very gently that weekend.

Saturday's ride briefing, Steve was pissed because not all want to follow him to the sissy trails. So he decided to break the group into 2 smaller groups (the men and the boys)

Steve is showing everyone the latest dance move that he learned watching the "Dancing with the Stars"

Waiting for the rest to show up. That bike in the foreground looks familiar, the rider must have some intentions to get in front of everyone for some photo ops! or ooooops I should say!

If you see this guy and his bike, go the other way. Don't be telling me that I didn't warn you.

Starchaser is better off riding than singing around the campfire! Don't quit your daytime job yet!

I don't recognize this rider, he must be one of the shy ones! Yes, it's hard to believe, but there are really still some shy FFs out there that weekend.

The inseparable duo (2old2race and luv2race) ready to thump again! Pablo heading the wrong direction, he was a little disoriented from the night before.

Orangeheart on his 640A with complementing KTM colored outfit

Lots of riders and a mix of bikes

Capt Sham and his sparkling 06 640A. He was lucky that Riceless wasn't in any mood for a shiny orange that day.

Oh crap! The carnage officially on its way! Notice his helmet is already scouring the vicinity!

The last time you'll see this KLR in this cherry condition!

Mr Mike riding sweep. Like someone said, being a sweep is noble................
ha ha ha , believe me I've done it for like 6 months and I have to clean my filter and change oil more frequent than the others!

After the "Men Group" took off, the boys are still prepping their bikes, Rich fixing his DR650, and the rider of that 950 in the background was still in his pajamas!

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