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Big Bear Bash Part 4 - Saturday

Where were we.. ah yes.. heading down 1N04 towards Clarks grade on the south side of Big Bear.

Before our group hit Clark's grade we were met by the 2nd group of riders lead by K60ST. As I mentioned earlier by this time in the day the heat was really starting to take it's toll and many riders were ready to call it a day.

Pablo (ESPI), Bob (2Old2Race), John(Luv2Race) and a few other riders headed off towards Clarks' grade and the rest of the combined group from the 1st and 2nd group rode on towards Clarks Grade on 1N04.

When the group eventually made our way to where we could either head up Clark's grade (1N54) or peel off to the right and hit the pavement towards Hwy 38 the majority of the group headed for the pavement. At this point we had been riding for almost 7 hrs and nice rolling paved road back to Big Bear sounded pretty good.

Starchaser, Ken, MrMike and I decided instead to stay on the dirt and head up Clark's Grade.

Here's Starchaser ready to hit the grade

About 1/2 mile up the grade we ran into a sign that indicated that there was a closed gate up ahead. We all wanted to ride up the grade back to Big Bear so we rolled the dice and decided to ride up the grade with the hope that the sign was incorrect.

The climb up the grade was a bit challenging particularly because of the heat and the fact that we had been riding for over 7 hours. Normally the climb would be a lot of fun but the fatigue that had set in made this last climb a bit more tiring than expected. The climb shifted from small rocks on a pretty good pitch, to sand, to more rocks.. back and forth for about 6 miles. Nothing too difficult but at the end of a long day we were ready for a break.

Here's MrMike getting rolling again after a quick break on Clarks' Grade

Eventually we reached the top of Clarks Grade where it intersected 2N10 high above Snow Summit ski resort on the south side of Big Bear. We were pretty beat at this point.

We hung a right on 2N10 and were rewarded with some incredible views and mellow rolling terrain among the pine trees for several miles.

Ken on 2N10

a couple of shots of me cruisin' on 2N10.

To the north were great views of Big Bear lake about 1500 ft below. To the south were equally stunning views of the still snow capped San Gregornio mountains

We folled 2N10 until it took us to moonridge and followed the pavement back to camp at around 5:30. Total tally for the day was just shy of 90 miles and 8 1/2 hrs of riding.

30 minutes after we arrived at camp we were treated to some tasty grub courtesy of a friend of John (Luv2Race). His buddy drove up and had enough beef, pork and chicken tacos to stuff as all to the brim.

After stuffing our faces for a while our energy was recharged and the B.S. around the campground started once again From left to right Ken, Moraflex, KLRRob and OrangeHeart.

The evening eventually transitioned into another round of hanging out around the campfire.

Ken, StarChaser, MrMIke and 2Old2Race chillin by the fire.

Sunday arrived and it was time for Ken and I to head back home... after stopping off at the Grizzly Manor for some breakfast.

We ran into MrMike, OrangeHeart and his wife Melody wrapping up their breakfast. (By the way, Scott was such a panzy ass that he didn't finish his pancake while his wife had no problem at all... what a wimp !!

As expected the grub was awesome ! Here is what a $3.50 pancake looks like.

We headed back home to 100+ degree temps.. yuck!

Had a great weekend with a great group of riders. Special thanks to Luv2Race, K60ST for setting up the logistics of the ride and the grub. Another thanks to MrMike for riding sweep for 7+ hours. When one rides sweep they really are sacrificing a of fun for the benefit of others. Hats of to you Mike.......

(FYI... I'm getting video ready to post... check my previous posts tomorrow for video that I'll be adding)

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