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Group 2 - The Boy's Ride

Steve, as promised, took as to the Bugs Bunny trail and officially declared the start of the carousel ride. Check out the bike and the bald rear tire, this got to be a real sissy ride!

The ride never really took off on time. Aside from the late start, slow pace, and now a broken clutch cable on Don's DR350. Good thing Rich has a spare for his DR650 which are not the same but with some wishful thinking, the guys went on and take the broken one off.

I would rather see Steve giving Don the ADV salute!

I get the feeling that Sito really wants to be a road side mechanic, so he rolled off his sleeve. With so much stretching and wrenching, he was able to make the wrong cable to work.

Here's a picture of a happy FF with a genuine smile. Yes Don, after striking out twice that weekend, we still like you!

A proof that the clutch is working, Don enjoying the noobie-friendly dirt

Mole on his legally plated and 50 state EPA compliant KLX250.

If not for this guy K60ST, we will never have the Big Bear Ride this year

From last year's terrible fire!

Even Steve thinks that riding sweep is noble ! Drew is the other Strommer.

And finally, the Strommers are showing off their rears!

We haven't been riding long and everyone already wanted a break!

Mole, Don (Jinx), Joel (h8chains) and Jim (Moraflex)

With our luck, we found another easy trail, roughly 20 miles long

For a while we pretended that we were on a challenging trail until we saw a golf cart

In less than half an hour, we took another break.

We noticed that the park ranger has been trailing us since the start of the ride. Do we look that suspicious???

The Stroms have arrived. You guys make h8chains look good!

Drew did good on his first time on dirt! Blinkers, mirrors, and windshield still intact after a minor spill.

Sito and his followers want to take a difficult trail, but the rest overwhlemingly made their minds up and pointed their bikes on the easy one.

They didn't have the choice and turned around and continued to lead the wimpy boys!

After being delayed for an hour, taking frequent breaks, and slower pace, the Group 2 caught up with some of the Group 1 riders at the gas station.

Some of the Group 2 riders

After this stop, my right knee starts hurting again, so I decided to ride back to the camp, also with the intention of stealing their beers and pee on their tents.

You won't see any more pictures from Group 2 since all the bastards are all too cheap to buy a digital camera and too embarrased to post their pics with their bad grammar and wrong spelling!
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