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Laugh Counterpoint.

Originally Posted by longtallsally
I won't shoot, I promise. Guns scare me.

Anyway, I'd have to defer to Jim or someone else smarter than I to answer your questions.

In terms of offering an update as to the functionality, you can check out the ride report here from this weekend:

Bottom line is that I think they worked fine, but didn't make too much difference. So I am convinced that I need other things more than these. I guess they make it more comfy overall, and a touch easier for stand up riding, for long distances, but in the mostly technical stuff from this weekend, they didn't make much difference.

From a strength perspective, though, they held up very well as I binned it 3 times and not one slip or problem.
Look for all you that are considering Rox Pivoting Risers for your GS or GSA understand that your height and reach may make these risers exactly what you need. BMW's 'average' rider [suspension neutral settings] is 185 lbs...I seem to remember that LTS is 6'7" and has a 39 " reach so I also doubt he is 185 lbs. Perhaps I am confusing him with someone else. My point is for me at 185 lbs, 33" reach and 5' 10" the risers have transformed my control and comfort while riding standing up off investment next to my low seat that I have made and since I shooting* for 90% off road riding on my '07 GSA it has enormously enhanced my off road riding skills.

To each their own and a lot of good off road folks recommended, use and swear by the Rox Pivoting Risers...I am glad I listened to them.

*Hope this word doesn't cause you angst and I trust you will overcome your fear of inanimate objects.
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