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Originally Posted by Dantegod

Do you guys think these jackets would sell if we bring them into the USA ? They are real motorcycle jackets...

Not the ones that McGregor and Boorman are wearing in the pics....!?!?!?

I know that Boorman has said that they were terrible pieces of kit and were nowhere near being waterproof. They were also ridiculously expensive for what they were. I don't know how much you'd be able to retail them for in the USA but over here, Grand Prix Legends were trying to sell the 50 examples, which they said they'd secured, for 600 UK Pounds for just the jacket! At current rates of exchange that's c. $1200 US.

All of that is consistent with the exclusive designer clothing ethos which the Italian owners of Belstaff are trying to peddle. I've always thought, thank God for you guys since you're the last vestige of good, honest, well-priced and well made motorcycle clothing sold under the Belstaff banner. Don't do it...!
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