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Jay, there will be a next time for sure, I'll let you know!

By the way, I'd like to thank you for the information you provided.

Back to the report!

For the first day, we decided to go for an easy ride... sure!
We decided to go for at the Onion Creek trail. A trail indicated as easy in the ATV Trails Guide . That's true if you do the Onion Creek and go back at the Kokopelli crossing, what we didn't do!

The Onion Creek part was fantastic. Beautiful landscape and easy riding with some very smooth river crossing. In the book it's indicated that there's 27 rivers crossings. I didn't count how many crossing there was but there was many.

This is where it got a little bit more tough. The start of the Kokopelli trail.

It started not to bad but soon we where riding in the mud...

and later soon in the snow!

We meet Bernard, an old French guy from California who was riding a Jeep. He was alone and he also was wondering if those trail was going somewhere.

But with the snow, we didn't had the choice and we went back to the Onion Creek.

One thing I forgot to tell you is when we left the campground in the morning, my bike didn't started. We boosted it with Pat's bike and it started easily. I thought I forgot my GPS on all night. After that it started whitout any problem but I didn't want to take to any chances and we went to Moab Yamaha dealer to see if they can get a battery for my bike. They had one in stock. They then put the battery on charge and I told them I'll get back this afternoon or tomorow morning to pickup the battery.

Remember, we only go for an easy ride for the first day...

But after many stops and start, many falls in the mud and snow, on our way back, my bike refused to start. No problem, Pat will boost it... it didn't work! Martin decided to tow me.

I know, a BMW tow by a KTM, not the best picture of the trip. But we didn't had much choices. It work fine until we hit some rough parts of the trail. At one point, Martin crashed seriously and we decided to forget about the tow.
Martin had an idea, used his battery to start my bike, and since GS has big alternators, it will run without battery after. So we tried that. The KTM batterie was not strong enough and the starter didn't work. We decided to try to push start it. It work!!! The bike started, we removed the battery, put it back in the KTM and here we go!!!

After something like 15 minutes, the bike died. Strange, everything was working fine. We did this battery changed a couples of time but every time, after a while, the bike died. It's probably the Can bus that didn't like to run without battery.
So I decided to hide my bike in some bushes and get back to Moab with Pat. Riding the trail as a passenger is not the best but on the GSA with Pat who was trying to ride the smoothest as possible, it was not too bad!

On our way back:

Next time, the Pole Canyon Rim!
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