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Changing the gear shift seal.

I hate oil leaks. I hate the smell of burning oil in a hot exhaust system. It just stinks. From the left side of the bike a burning oil smell was wafting up at me. Also I could see oil on the frame. Feeling around I found some very big drops of oil forming around the gear shift area. On closer inspection I could see the oil was getting past the gear shift seal.

Once the bike is leaning against the tree the gear shift lever was simply undone and moved out of the way. Then the old seal was prised out. Clean up where the seal came from. Get the new seal out of the fridge and rush out to fit it. Use the old seal as a drift and gently tap the new one in with the old one taking the brunt of the soft hammering.

Refit gear shift lever and job done. Wow so easy and quick. It took me longer to get the mattress out of the spare room and up against the tree than it did to change the seal.

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