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Originally Posted by nowwhat
In all fairness and respectfully....we don't know if this is accurate as a no baffle (2 into 2) to no baffle (2 into 1) dyno has not been performed....
True. Honestly, the takeaway point for me is that the 2 into 1 runs about the same, or a little better, and I have never had a complaint of a lack of power on the LC8's, so that's good enough for me. I do have a complaint of too much weight, and it meaningfully addresses that, and it opens the option for the tank and so on.

Originally Posted by Taki
Ned, any sense on how the stock 2 into 2 power curves compare with the baffled 2 into 1? Probably a good baseline test right?
I'm far from an expert on this subject, but my sense is that end-can flow is not the major issue in LC8 power. Baffles obviously slow down the party by a few horsepower (which is pretty meaningless in the scheme of things) and stockers are probably (having dissected a set) along the same lines... but I don't believe that there is a huge amount of power to be had even by going to an open pipe.

All the options I've run, baffle in, baffle out, remus, neptune, and stock (on the 990, the dyno is down right now so I don't have a final run of 990 stock vs. 990 2->1 w/ Remus) have been within a 6 peak hp range, with minor fluctuations in torque and delivery. In the scheme of things, the best run vs. the worst run, wouldn't ride all that differently in the real world, if it was a good road and a nice turn, you'd have a smile on your face with either one.

That said, the best run came on a 2 into 1 (although, as Nowwhat has pointed out, the test methodology is not perfect).

Originally Posted by keltic kiwi
Were they with the modified stocker (with h pipe) or with the new Nedie special?
The most recent runs were with the production item (with no crossover pipe).
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