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Jumping around chronologically, here's all the stuff that came off in my prep:

Which when you think about it, going from a California Smog Certified street legal vehicle, to a full-on offroad racebike (err, I mean streetbike, officer), is not very much. KTM did a great job of spec'ing- not much baloney to dispose of.

Another item I added, of course, was a skidplate. I put on an Enduro Engineering one, because it was available quickly and easily, and while it's OK, I'm not impressed. For one thing, I had to modify it to change the oil without removing the plate:

And you still can't see the oil level very clearly.

The protection it offers is, in my opinion, no better than average, which is to say much better than nothing at all but not so far along as "good". I had a rock kick up off my front wheel and break the bottom of my clutch cover, many plates would not have protected that either, but it didn't serve to endear me to the plate.

So, when Wonky from the UK called and offered to trade a plate from adventure-spec for a few copies of my DVD, I said sure. I haven't seen the plate yet, but based on the others shown on their site, I'm optimistic. A full review will follow here...
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