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The infamous slick water crossing incident

So. We've read all the other TAT ride reports. We've seen the photos. We've heard the stories. We saw Sam's warning. We had specific instructions from Gaprunr towalk the bikes across...

But we (I) still wasn't sure which one(s) were really slick and which weren't.

We had several water crossing which I had walked across, not slippery, then ridden across fine. Had we passed the bad ones? Were we just so early in the season that the algae hadn't grown the biofilm yet? Had one or more of the obviously new bridges we went over eliminated the slick-bottomed danger?

Parked for scouting purposes:

So I walked in, it seemed grippy. I checked to the left, to the right...
Right seemed better. There was gray rock which seemed fine, and brownish, which seemed slippery.

I picked my line, stood on the pegs, and started across. No problem.

Until I was almost all the way across... I cracked the throttle to get a little momentum to climb up the far bank and BAM!:

Sooo close!...

Walking it out... oh, the shame. Such hubris... how could I have thought I was different.

No damage to the bike, or body. Boots probably saved me a twisted or badly bruised ankle. Wish the helmet could have saved my ego the same.

Yes, it is that slick... My tire tracks:

Lesson learned, my punishment was to walk Blueberry across.

We carried on with high spirits, good morale, nice weather, no damage. Didn't even have to break out Mr. Happy Puppet. LDF hamming it up:

I think this is where we started to relax and just have fun.
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