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Clutch master cylinder boot

Ok, I posted this in tis own thread but maybe try here too.

Fitting the clutch master cylinder boot...or can someone save me from myself

Just taken off the lever to get a look to see if I have a leak at the master cylinder piston, and yep, it all fell on the floor

So what is puzzling me on putting it back together is the little boot that the plunger sits in.

Does it really just sit in place, held on the plunger between the cylinder and the lever as if by luck or should it have some kind of clip to hold it in place?

The surface of the master around the plunger looks squeeky clean so I cant see the boot would fit inside, and indeed it looks too big a diameter to do so.

Here's some pics so I hope you can help me out. I can't find a schematic anywhere that shows this in detail.

Here's my master cylinder

Here's the boot in question, does it just sit on the plunger and get jammed in there (sorry about the focus, or lack of)

Here's the whole setup (at least all the parts from the garage floor sans boot

Anyone help (and take my tools away maybe... )
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