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That fell off where?
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Originally Posted by Bert Fox
Hi Kutch,
I do have some jpgs I could email you. I have never figured out how to post on the site.
Hey Bert, I PM'ed ya my email address.

But to post a pic here...
When you hit "new reply" or "quote" within a thread, and the screen comes up for you to type in your message... -scroll down a bit till you see the "add attachments" button...

Hit that "add attachment" button.
A screen should pop up to "Browse" to where ever your jpegs are on your computer.
Pick one of your jpegs. (one at a time this way).
Hit the "Upload" button and allow it some time.
Once done uploading the picture "Close" that small sceen.
Hit "submit" reply as with any message...

Your text and pic should appear...
"Keep your front wheel down and your head up..."
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