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Thanks for the feedback, California. Good luck on your version of the same, and let me know if we can be of any help, or offer any advice. I've been learning a lot in the process of planning and riding, but it's probably mostly stuff that other people already know... like what to do when you have to stand down a bull in the middle of the road .

Chris: those are NOT titanium coffee cups, though the coffee pot is . They're just the Coleman peak 1 double-walled mugs, with the handles knocked off. I did that because they pack easier, and since it's double-walled, it stays cool on the outside anyway, so you don't really need the handle.

Oh, and it saved 28 grams.

Questor: How's Willy (the whale... not that one!)? Where've you been hiding? Look us up if you ever make it down to the city, eh? PM me your email and I'll send you the gear list file if you want... then you can edit it for yourself rather than creating it from scratch.

And for all who asked, RE: the Andy Strapz pannierz on the dirt bagz racks...

I think the dirt bagz are great. (LDF doesn't like the zippers on hers as much as the roll-top on mine, though) Why did I go with the Andy Strapz? I liked the expandability and even though we were traveling light, I thought it would be useful for at least one of us to be able to stuff a six-pack, or a watermelon in a side bag if we stopped at a grocery store a few miles from our end-of-the-day destination. I also like the top-loading, and I think they're a bit more waterproof than the dirtbagz.

The install of the Andy Strapz on the dirt bagz racks is quite simple. I don't know if I specifically have photos showing it. The bags have straps which velcro together over the top of the seat. Then you attach a second strap to the front and rear of the dirt bagz racks (I used the Rok Straps), and clip it across the lower mid-section of each Expedition Pannier to keep it tight and prevent it bouncing up and down when you go over bumps.

The Dirt bagz racks serve merely as stand-offs to prevent the bags from moving horizontally in towards the rear wheel. they're not actually providing any vertical support.

(I'll get back to the real reporting shortly)

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