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Originally Posted by Dboisclair01
I completed the 7,000klm trip to the Canal in Jan of this year. If anyone wants fairly recent first-hand experience I'll pass on whatever info I can. Just bear in mind that at the time (and still) I was a VERY inexperienced rider. I only obtained my license in Aug 07, and the bike I was riding was my first bike in almost 27 years. And as much as I love my new DL650, there's still a soft spot in my heart for the 26 year old Honda I made the trip with. I guess ignorance really is bliss. In many ways the trip effected me profoundly. I'm going to re-arrange things to retire much earlier than originally planned - even if it means scaling back on expectations and working P/T - just so I can travel more and live more. I've just put in for a leave of absence next Jan so I can go back for a much more liesurely six-week trip through Mexico with my wife this time.
How about a ride report? Pics and all?
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