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We have the wolfman small expedition tankbags. I have the acerbis E tank adapted for the S. I'm 6'3", so my crotch clears the bag and it sits well secured between my legs when I'm standing, no problem. For LDF, however, for her height, and the way the clarke tank slopes up, that for her to ride standing, we had to place the bag way up on the gas cap. Doable, but the bag lost a little stability. She had just her raingear in there, (mine's heavier with tools), so it wasn't such a big deal for dirt roads, but if we get into some technical riding for any great length of time, we'll have to see how it works.

The bag has the capacity for a SLR, probably a lens as well. I'd test-fit it with a borrowed bag if possible first, especially with the Clarke tank given the weight of the contents and your leg length to see if it's acceptable.

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Hi Dr. Rock,
while we are already talking equipment: I have a DR-Z with Clarke tank as well and I'm looking for a tankbag that can take my DSLR. I guess yours is from Wolfman. Would a DSLR fit in there (preferably with some room left for appropriate padding)?
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