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Got my Carne information, the cost is not as bad as I thought.

Date: May 28, 2004

Mr. Glen Heggstad
PO Box 1791
Palm Springs, CA 92263 USA

2005 BMW 650 Dakar
V. I. N. #: WB10186A952L45066
Eng. #: Not listed
Gas/mileage 5,000 miles

Travelling through: Japan, China, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Bhutan, Mongolia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysian, Australian, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Madagascar, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Ghana, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Guinea, Uganda, Tanzania, Oman, Yemen, Kenya, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Tasmania, Eritrea, CAR, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Cuba.

Country Carnet required % of duty and taxes
Yes or no

Japan Yes- Before Customs clearance, importer must present carnet for verification to the nearest Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) office, where the JAF will complete the document "Application for Authentication of Carnet" (Customs form V. No.1000). Unless the carnet has been verified by the JAF, the Customs authorities will not recognize the carnet. 5%

China No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Eastern Europe No-

Turkey No-

Jordan Yes- 25%

Syria Yes- 0%

Israel No-

Iraq Yes- Because of the war there is presently no government agency in Iraq and a Carnet will not be issued valid for Iraq

Bhutan No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Mongolia No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Iran Yes- 120 CIF

Pakistan Yes- 107.5%

India Yes- 98%

Nepal Yes- 98%

Thailand No- Deposit of Duty required

Cambodia No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Laos No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Vietnam No- Borders closed to individual tourist vehicles

Malaysia Yes- 15%

Australia Yes- 10%

New Zealand Yes- 12.5%

South Africa Yes- 29%

Mozambique No-

Ethiopia No- Deposit of duty required

Chad Yes- 100%

Niger Yes- 25%

Nigeria No- Form 45 (Temporary Importation Document issued free)

Sudan No- Advance permission required + bank guarantee

Egypt Yes- 55%

Morocco No- Declaration of Temporary Importation

Algeria No- Written Undertaking

Libya Yes- 100%-

Zimbabwe No- Temporary Import Permit required for all vehicles

Botswana Yes- 29%

Madagascar Yes- 100%

Zambia No- Permit issued at the border

Namibia Yes- 29%

Angola No-

Ghana Yes- Free

Mali Yes- 0%

Senegal Yes- 73.30%

Benin Yes- 100%

Guinea No- Advance permission required

Uganda Yes- 100%

Tanzania Yes- 100%

Oman Yes- 5%

Yemen Yes- 48.7%

Kenya Yes- 78%

Congo Yes- 100%

Democratic Republic of Congo Yes- 100%

Gabon Yes- 50%

Cameroon Yes- 53%

Saudi Arabia No-

United Arab Emirates Yes- 4%

Tasmania Yes- 100%

Eritrea No-

CAR Yes- 100%-

Turkmenistan No-

Uzbekistan No-

Kazakhstan No-

Cuba No-

Value of Vehicle:

At time of purchase: $8,000.00 US = $ 11,000.00 Cad.

Owners value now: $8,000.00 US = $ 11,000.00 Cad.

2005 BMW MSRP Value: $ 8,800.00 US = $ 12,000.00 Cad.

I suggest we price the vehicle at $ 12,000.00 x 120 CIF%


Cost $12,000.00
Insurance $ 600.00
Freight $ 1,000.00
Total $13,600.00 X 120% = $16,300.00 needed as a guarantee.

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