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Spare Parts List

Spare Parts List:

OK, before I launch into the trip report, here's the spare parts I brought with me. I'd appreciate any comments from people who have done a few long trips about if you thought I brought the right stuff. In the end, I had no mechanical problem and didn't use anything, except for a couple of squirts of RP7.

My spare parts:

- 1 can Selleys RP7 (same stuff as WD-40)
- spare clutch cable
- spark plug
- headlamp globe
- inner tube for front and rear tyre
- duct tape (this proved really, really useful)
- tyre levers
- tyre pump
- tyre repair kit for inner tube (same as a bicycle tyre repair kit)
- screwdriver
- adjustable wrench
- plyers

I've heard there is some sort of tyre plug you can use to plug tyres without taking the tyre off - anyone got any info?
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