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So we get out of the Warloop all sweaty and thirsty and stop at the One Stop for gas and such and a guy walks by us and says... "Jeez, some of us have to work for a living "

So I sez "Hey, we do too! This is our vacation!"

And so we gets to talking, and his name is Mark, and he's on ADV, and has heard of the TAT, and is teaching his daughter how to ride (), and hopes someday to ride the TAT, and we're swapping stories, and he tells us that we should post on ADV that the owner of the land that borders Warloop is petitioning the county to allow him to gate and close the road, and that maybe some ADVRiders in the area or even out of the area could try to convince the County of the intrinsic value to the local economy and civic pride in leaving it just the way it is.

That's all we know, Warloop's days may be numbered.

I also got the card of a guy who ran a custom motorcycle shop in Mountainburg. I kept his card in my tankbag mapcase for the rest of the trip, and now I can't remember his name, or the name of the shop, and I was going to give him a plug. My anti-spam brain circuits must be acivated now. Anyway, he was a nice guy. The card is still in my tankbag... he'll have to wait until the end of September for his ADV free advertisement.
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