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Bluhduh Hope I don't have this trouble with the Newborn

Thanks everybody.

Finally waited for a break in the rain last night about 8:30. Took her out for
the maiden voyage . This thing is crazy. I didn't get into to much you know, first ride, knobbies, rain, and ..........

a motor spewing oil all over the back tire . I didn't know this though. Just thought it was really squirrely being so light and wet.

Got home parked for 15 sec to open the garage, rolled bike in. Stepped back out and saw the rainbow. With a lot of oil. .

Started looking the girl over and there was oil everywhere. I took the skid plate off and it was full of oil and water. Took several pictures and didn't touch anything.

Called the dealer and they want it back ASAP and are going to look into it. I'm hoping it was a just a bad oil fill and the skid plate was just holding it, but . Hell, could just be some loose fasteners as well, but I didn't want to touch a bike this expensive this early with tools.

Anyway, I'm glad I have a dealer close by and they are going to get it figured out, they responded immediately. I'll keep you posted. I was considering a Husky but the dealer is Hr away, or 1.5 with traffic..... No thanks. I decided to pass on the FI as well and go with the reliable RFS, I'm sure this is just an anomaly. I'm still really excited about this bike. .

Or I'm still flying from the kid news.
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